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Derek Paravicini

Derek has a unique style of playing with a phenomenal technique that enables him to play and improvise pieces of the utmost complexity on the piano. His preferred styles are jazz, pop and light classical. He has a great memory, and can recall thousands of pieces instantly, which he can play in different keys and even in different styles. So he can play Bach with a 'walking bass' and jazz in the contrapuntal style of Bach!

Derek was self-taught from the age of 2, until, at the age of five he started having weekly and daily lessons with Adam Ockelford, at the time a music teacher at Linden Lodge School for the Blind in Wandsworth, London. The main challenge was to straighten out Derek's technique which, as a young child, was very eccentric, involving knuckles, fists, karate chops and even the occasional elbow!

Derek loves to perform live, and is currently undertaking a series of concerts with the Orchestra of St Johns, London, in their 'Music for Autism' series - special events for families with autistic children.

His first commercial CD Echoes of the Sounds to Be is now available for online purchase as well as download.